Hollbeach Solutions LLP: Transactions Completed

Hollbeach has a proven track record of executing complex structured transactions in a timely manner and achieving the intended objectives and benefits sought by the parties. These have included Hollbeach:

  1. assisting certain European Financial Institutions (“EFIs”) with the disposal of structured finance transactions which were deemed by the EFIs to no longer form part of the core business going forward. Through associated companies, Hollbeach acquired and restructured the assets so that they could be refinanced using Hollbeach’s funding sources. Hollbeach acquired circa GBP 500m of such assets and held them to maturity or ultimately disposed of them.
  2. originating, structuring and participating in funding oil and gas exploration companies based in North America. These included a particular transaction which involves the Hollbeach partners funding an exploration company which owns an interest in the an oilfield in Smith Bay (“Tulimaniq”) on the North Slope of Alaska. In October 2016, the operator made an initial but significant discovery of a large quantity of high quality crude oil. With an estimated 6-10 billion barrels of oil in place, and circa 2.4 billion barrels estimated to be recoverable, the Tulimaniq oil field ranks as one of the world’s largest oil discoveries in recent years, and the largest on Alaska’s North Slope in four decades. The investment interest gives Hollbeach a circa 4.5% interest in the oilfield making the value of that investment significant. Further exploratory drilling and appraisal (including flow testing, 2D and 3D analysis) is expected to commence during the 2018 winter.
  3. identifying a market opportunity to structure and acquire certain North Sea natural gas extraction licenses for its own account, together with the execution of a technical and administration services agreement in connection with those licenses. Hollbeach also arranged the on-sale of the natural gas acquired under the license to a major industry purchaser of natural gas in the UK.
  4. brokering, structuring and assisting with the financing for cross-border commodity transactions across different geographies with regard to crude oil, refined fuel products and other commodity asset classes.
  5. structuring and financing several small lease transactions for a UK coffee machine operator.