Hollbeach Solutions LLP: What we do

Since inception, Hollbeach has:

  1. originated and structured innovative alternative investment solutions for clients within the Financial Institution, Energy, Infrastructure and Commodity sectors; and
  2. assisted financial institutions with the disposal and risk mitigation of structured and asset finance transactions.

We are experts not only in structuring and executing cross-border solutions, but also bringing together a wide network of finance providers, borrowers, merchants and buyers and identifying how to optimise these relationships in order to maximise the effectiveness of the solution.

Hollbeach has the experience to provide principal and trade finance solutions to international trade situations and commodity transactions. Hollbeach (via a commodity trading affiliate) also has the ability to act on behalf of (or as a principal with respect to) either the buy or sell side of a commodity transaction.

Hollbeach has built an extensive counterparty network by focusing attention on understanding the financial requirements, objectives and investment appetite of its client base.

Hollbeach’s network of investors and finance providers extends beyond the banks and institutions, which traditionally have provided debt and equity finance to companies.

As part of the structuring process, Hollbeach vigorously undertakes due diligence and situation analysis on behalf of its clients with the assistance of its external advisors.

This typically involves amongst other things, analysing the credibility of the counterparties involved and assessing the legal, accounting, regulatory and tax impact of the structured solution, within the relevant jurisdictions of the transaction.

Consequently, Hollbeach endeavours to structure and optimise solutions which are both beneficial for the borrowing entity requiring the financing, as well as being attractive for investors and lenders.

By being proactive, responsive and flexible, we can tailor solutions to a client’s specific requirements. Clients have access to the decision makers and are assured that decisions will be made quickly, thoroughly and effectively.